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Gutter Guards

Guard Options to Protect Your Home

If you want to protect your home’s drainage system, gutter guards could be the best solution. They’re easy to install over your existing gutters and require minimal maintenance to remain clog-free for many years.  

On the other hand, without gutter guards, the risk of gutter clogs is higher, and if you don’t keep gutters clean, you could see water damage to your home’s roof, foundation, or landscaping. 

Next, we’ll explain some problems associated with unprotected gutters, the different types of gutter guards we sell at Drain Right Guttering, and their benefits:

What Can Happen Without Gutter Guards?

While your gutters can work efficiently with professional cleaning and upkeep, adding gutter guards offers extra protection by eliminating the likelihood of clogs and ensuring water drains safely away from your property.

Clogged gutters can cause several issues, including:

  • Foundation Damage:
    According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), water intrusion through the foundation is a leading cause of structural damage to homes. Malfunctioning gutters can exacerbate this problem by allowing water to pool around the foundation, leading to cracks, settlement, and potential structural weakness.
  • Basement Flooding:
    The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) states that over half of U.S. basements experience moisture issues, with water entering through foundation walls, floors, or joints. Faulty gutters can worsen basement flooding by channeling water toward the foundation instead of away from the home.
  • Roof Damage:
    Blocked or damaged gutters can cause water to overflow onto the roof, causing water damage and rotting roof materials and shingles. The Insurance Information Institute (III) highlights roof damage as a common cause of homeowner insurance claims.
  • Siding and Exterior Damage:
    Overflowing gutters can damage your home’s siding, trim, and exterior walls. Over time, moisture can infiltrate and lead to rot and mold growth, compromising the home’s appearance and structural integrity.
  • Landscaping Damage:
    Poorly performing gutters can result in water overflow that erodes soil, damages plants, and creates unsightly puddles in your landscaping.
  • Pest Infestations:
    Stagnant water in clogged gutters can attract pests like mosquitoes, termites, ants, and rodents, increasing the risk of infestations in and around your home.

Types of Gutter Guards

At Drain Right Guttering Birmingham, we offer three main types of gutter guards: Shur Flo, Pro Flo, and Gutterglove Pro. We chose them for their exceptional quality, performance, and durability. Regarding cost, Shur Flo is our most economical guard system. The Pro Flo system is middle-priced. Gutterglove Pro is the top-priced system.

Gutter Covers or Surface Tension Guards (Shur Flo)

  • Design:
    These curved guards direct rainwater around the guard and into the gutter while debris falls to the ground.
  • Function:
    They use surface tension to guide water into the gutter, keeping debris out.

Stainless Steel Mesh Guards (Pro Flo and Gutterglove Pro)

  • Design:
    These guards feature strong aluminum and a fine stainless steel mesh that expands and contracts with your gutters. Pro Flo’s patent-pending U-Bend technology helps prevent water from running over your gutters. Gutterglove Pro uses V-bend technology to lift debris off the mesh so it can blow off naturally and improve water flow.
  • Function:
    The fine mesh blocks smaller debris, such as leaves, pine needles, and twigs, while allowing water to flow through. These guards handle heavy rain and effectively prevent clogs. 

Other gutter guards include foam inserts, brushes, troughs, and vinyl guards. While there are many options, the best choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and design preferences. Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss which gutter guard system suits your home.

Worry-Free Warranties on Gutter Guards

Drain Right Guttering offers quality products guaranteed by a family-owned company committed to doing things correctly. We offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on everything we do, including gutter guard installation. A lot can go wrong in five years, but at least you know we’ll help if it does. Gutter guard products also feature warranties on clogs and the product itself, so you’ll be covered for many years.

While adding gutter guards has an upfront cost, the protective warranties ensure you’ll save money by eliminating maintenance and cleaning. We aim to make every customer part of our Drain Right Guttering family. We’ll respond fast if you need follow-up or have questions about your project.

Warranties on Drain Right Gutter Guard Products:

  • Shur Flo: 10-Year “no-clog” warranty
  • Pro Flo: 20-year “no-clog” warranty 
  • Gutterglove Pro: Lifetime “no-clog” warranty 

We’re Always Here 

A gutter guard system will significantly reduce the amount of debris so you won’t have to clean your gutters again. However, we can help with periodic inspections to ensure your system works effectively and to address any concerns before they become a problem.

Contact us today for a free estimate on gutter guards for your home or business.

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