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Shur Flo Gutter Guard System

A Perf-Flow Filtration System

At Drain Right Guttering, we offer Shur Flo gutter guards because they boast a durable and attractive style that keeps gutters clean and functional. 

Below, we’ve listed all the things you need to know about Shur Flo gutter guards:

What Are Shur Flo Gutter Guards?

Shur Flo gutter guards offer resistance to rust and corrosion thanks to their perforated design, which features tiny holes that allow rainwater to pass through while blocking debris. We install these guards in either aluminum or copper to fit seamlessly on top of your gutters, maintaining your roofline’s appearance without lifting or penetrating roof shingles, thus preserving roof warranties.

  • Performance:
    The patented perf-flow filtration system allows rainwater to drain easily while keeping out leaves, pine needles, and other debris. This perforated surface also deters standing water, which can attract pests and cause rust. Shur Flo guards also have a contoured design that promotes air circulation, helping dry leaves blow away with a gentle breeze. 
  • Maintenance:
    Shur Flo gutter guards are low maintenance and require occasional cleaning to remove debris that may accumulate on top. Gutters with guards significantly reduce maintenance.
  • Installation:
    Shur Flo gutter guards are simple to install. They fit securely into the gutters, either under the shingles or atop the gutter lip. The flat design ensures the installation does not interfere with the roof or shingles.
  • Compatibility:
    These guards fit most standard gutter systems, including K-style and half-round gutters, and are available in various sizes (4-foot, 6-foot, and 10-foot) to suit different gutter dimensions. They perform well with any roof material or pitch.
  • Styles:
    Shur Flo gutter guards are available in copper and mill finish, black, and white for 5-inch and 6-inch K-style gutters.
  • Warranty:
    They come with a 25-year transferable warranty from the manufacturer and a 10-year no-clog warranty.

Advantages of Shur Flo Gutter Guards

  • Extended Gutter Life:
    These guards can extend the life of your gutters by preventing clogs and standing water.
  • Sleek Design:
    The low-profile design blends seamlessly with most gutter systems.
  • Ice Dam Prevention:
    They help prevent ice dams and other winter-related gutter issues by ensuring water flows freely.
  • Made in the USA:
    Shur Flo gutter guards are manufactured in the United States and have a solid warranty.

So, consider Shur Flo gutter guards if you’re looking for a great way to curb gutter cleaning. They’re a high-quality solution for protecting your gutter system from clogs and reducing the need for cleaning and repairs. Contact us today for a free estimate and to discuss whether Shur Flo gutter guards suit your property.

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